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Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you find it useful. As a passionate golfer I haveGolf always loved fiddling around trying to improve my game. Over the years I have tried many different products in a quest to shave a couple more shots off my Handicap! I eventually took the plunge and installed a golf simulator in my garage and I have to say it is the best investment I ever made.

Most simulators are used for entertainment or swing practice. Playing some of the worlds top courses that have been digitally created with pinpoint accuracy is a lot of fun and I often challenge my mates to a round of golf, especially when it rains on the weekend! This also allows me to play some of the best courses around the world that I will never get the chance to experience in reality. The practice modes are excellent as it is similar to having your own full time golf professional whenever you have the urge to practice. Over the past year I have managed to drop 6 shots of my game and attribute this to the simulator alone. Golfers who live in the Northern regions may find a golf simulator essential in maintaining the swing over the cold and snow filled winters!

OptiShot Example - Swing Feedback

Most simulators will offer the following data on screen after every single swing. This is crucial information which can easily help you to fix common swing faults.

  • Impact angles
  • Swing Speed
  • Total Distance
  • Swing Tempo
  • Golf Ball Speed
  • Swing Path
  • Shot Dispersion

The ProSwing offers club fitting software which can be helpful if you want to spend time tweaking your clubs. This feature is often used by custom fitting professionals but if you love to try out different club specs then you may find it very useful.

There are some drawbacks with models designed for home users. Space is often a restriction as entry level units normally use infra-red sensors to track your club through the swing. As you may know, infra-red will not work outdoors so you will have to make sure you can swing the club inside your home somewhere. Often the garage works out to be the best place to setup. One piece of advice I can offer is to try and find a permanent installation area in your home, setting up the sensors for most simulators takes a little while and it can eat into your practice time!  You will also need a decent display, and for the best experience, the bigger the better. If you have the room and the budget then I would recommend a projector. Any other HD panel will do the job though.

Normally you can choose between real golf balls, practice golf balls or no ball for swing practice. Obviously, you will need to get a decent catch net if you are planning on using a real ball, I plan to add a couple of reviews to help ensure you buy a high quality product.The ProSwing ships with a practice net included so you won’t have to worry.

A selection of courses to play is normally included with more available for download on the internet. These days you can choose from plenty of different courses keeping you busy for a long time!

Please feel free to have a look around the site and learn more about the different options available before you invest in your very own golf simulator.






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