Indoor Driving Range

Recently, I spent some time with a young golf golfer who aims to turn professional once he has finished his studies. He really does have the talent and I believe he has every chance of doing well on the circuit.  As with most aspiring golfers it will depend in some way on his mental abilities, I have seen many young and talented golfers buckle under the mental stress of professional golf and never quite manage to realize their full potential.

I have always believed that Tiger Woods is the worlds greatest demonstration of this, obviously he has the talent but his ability to remain focused during the good and the bad is what separates him from the rest of the pack.

With so many youngsters attracted to the game (with all the prize money and sponsorships to be had) it has become much harder to qualify for events and make a start as a new professional. If you have the desire to play professional golf for a living then you had better make sure you are the best damn golfer you have ever met, the competition is just that fierce.

The young golfer I spent time with convinced his parents to build an indoor driving range in their garage which enabled him to practice a few hours per day. He would work hard on his swing day and night. Of course, with an indoor setup you have the advantage of swing practice when the weather is bad and during the winter months. His indoor setup had all the gadgets including a full Optishot simulator system complete with projector. Behind his hitting mat he even had a mini putting green setup!

The garage is the probably the best place to setup if you plan to build your own indoor driving range as it has the length and you can easily make alterations to the ceiling configuration to accommodate a full swing. You will need a decent catch net as well as a quality hitting mat. Costs are initially high for a setup like this but once you have everything installed there are no ongoing costs or travel times to the practice range.

The decision between an LCD display and a Projector is always a difficult one. The Projector enhances the experience to a totally new level but is quite expensive upfront. LCD TV’s are fairly cheap these days and will do the job. I normally recommend starting with a TV and upgrading to a projector later on.

Having the ability to practice from home can take your game to new levels both with consistency and distance. If you take the game seriously as an amateur or a future professional this is the best way to develop the skills you are going to need.

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