Optishot 2 Review

With over 5 years between the original Optishot and the new Optishot 2 I was very excited to get my hands on latest model to find out whats been added and how the performance has been improved. Let’s dive right in and see what I found out.

Optishot 2 Golf SimulatorOverview

At first glance the packaging and the unit look very similar to the original model leading us to believe this is more of a face lift than a brand new model. At first glance, the hitting mat seems to be slightly improved in both quality and strength. The 16 infra red sensors that capture the golf swing look slightly different to the originals and are supposed to significantly improve accuracy and tracking.

The software also contains some big changes. First off, there is the important inclusion of software for the MAC operating system, this was ignored the first time around so the die hard Apple fans can now have some Optishot fun! Quite a few more golf courses have been added as standard- you can see the list below. Finally, there is a new feature called Optishot Live. This allows you to connect with other Optishot owners via the internet to play live games – it doesn’t get much better than that!!

Golf Courses Included

  1. Warwick Hills
  2. Barseback Golf Club
  3. Canadian Club
  4. Palm Desert Canyons
  5. West Maui Plantation
  6. Torrey White
  7. Torrey Black
  8. The Golf Club, Scottsdale
  9. Long Island Black
  10. Osterakers Golf Club
  11. Fylde Links

 Optional Golf Courses Available to Purchase

  1. Jones Lake
  2. Melbourne Golf Club
  3. Golden Gate Club
  4. Red Wickers
  5. Melbourne Golf Club
  6. Carolina Ocean Course
  7. Ponte Vedra
  8. Monterey Classic
  9. Royal St Marks
  10. Hoylake
  11. Valholl
  12. Atlanta Highlands
  13. Firth of Forth
  14. Whispering Dunes
  15. Windy City Club
  16. Old Scot

Generally, you will find new courses released fairly frequently ensuring new challenges and keeping you from getting bored with the same layouts being repeated.

Optishot 2 – What Can it Do?

The product itself is fairly versatile as you have quite a few different options when it comes to usage. The most common is to play virtual rounds of golf which can be both good for your golf swing as well as loads of fun. With the new feature enabling online play it may become a little bit addictive (at least for me!) so I am looking forward to some challenges from my fellow golfers.

Optishot 2 InformationalSwing practice is worth the money in my option as this product will give you the ability to work on your golf swing right from the home. This is where the product really shines as it is an excellent option for practice and to sort out those niggling swing issues. Feedback is immediate and on screen and includes the following after each shot.

 Club-head Speed
Swing Tempo
Swing Path Reading
Face Impact Angle
Face Area Contact
Shot Shape

Having this information at your finger tips is a great asset for your overall game as you can work on your swing day or night building consistency.

Game Formats Supported

Match Play
Best Ball
Better Ball
Stroke Play
Alternate Shots
Custom Game Length

As you can see, most of the important and common golf formats have been included allowing you to compete online as you would out on the golf course.

Game ImageSoftware and Graphics Capabilities

Additionally to the simulator, you will need to get yourself a display and a decent PC or MAC. The display you choose will likely depend on budget and the size of your practice area. You can use a normal computer screen right through TV sets and up to a projector (which offers the best experience). Ensure the computer has enough power for the graphics in general most modern computers will do the job just fine.

Installation Space

Your experience with a product like this does depend, to a certain extent, on your setup space. It is important to note that just like the original model the Optishot 2 will not work outdoors as the sensors are based on infra red and therefore will be rendered useless in the sunlight. The room, or studio, should be 8 foot high to accommodate golf swings and often the garage provides the best option as you can modify the roof height a little bit easier than elsewhere in the home.

So, Is it Better?

Having used both models (I have used the Optishot 2 extensively for a couple of months before posting this review) I have to say there is a huge improvement in the sensors ability to accurately track club head through the swing. I also have a couple of other gadgets to compare with (like the ES14) so I do have comparative tests to see the improvement between the Optishot models. The rest of the hardware is pretty much the same with most of the improvements coming in the added software options that have already been listed out above.

Optishot 2 Graphics


I have always been a fan of the original model and I this will not change with the launch of the Optishot 2. The low price (when compared with other simulators) makes it affordable for the majority of golfers out there that want to have some fun from home whilst adding the ability for game improvement and additional practice. To find out what other golfers have to say, get up to date pricing or grab yours now visit Amazon.com.


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