P3ProSwing Review

P3 ProSwing Review

Golf simulators have exploded in popularity over the past few years resulting in a few different models that golfers can choose to install in their homes. Models like the ProSwing are perfect for home use as they carry an affordable price tag. One of the advantages the has over other models is the availability of the package for clubs which enables the unit to perform a comprehensive club fitting on any golfer (ProSwing can perform a custom fitting on all the clubs in your bag, including the putter!). This makes it really easy to fiddle around with different clubs, shafts, weighting and others to see if you can improve your swing.

P3 ProSwing Package For Clubs

Most golfers use these products for entertainment as they can play virtual golf from home, but, the really useful feature is to work on your golf swing with real-time feedback. In a way it is like having a permanent golf professional to help you work on your swing 24 hours a day!

Lets take a look at the P3 simulator and see what it all about and whether it is worth the money.

First off, there are several different models available in the range starting with the basic unit right through to models that are shipped with everything including a projector. This review will focus on the entry level ProSwing – Package for Clubs, as this is the most popular model.

Setting up is fairly easy but you will need to make sure you have sufficient room to cater for a full golf swing. Many golfers choose to setup in the garage which makes a lot of sense as all the equipment is out of the way when you are not using it and you often have more height clearance. You will get a net in the box which is designed to catch the ball so you do not have to worry about buying one additionally. A decent screen is required and I must recommend HD as it makes a huge different to the graphics. A projector will give you the best all round experience but obviously adds a fair amount to the cost.  The unit hooks up to a standard home computer to process all the swing data and outputs to your display. Having a decent speed PC is going to make everything work much better and you should ensure you have a decent graphics card.

The hitting mat (supplied) comes with two different cut outs which allows for both right and left hand golfers. The channel you will see is there to hide your cables and prevent damage from your 5 iron! The mat has a super strong foam base and a synthetic grass top. You can fold the mat away for storage when the ProSwing is not in use.

Whats In The Box?

  • P3ProSwing Sensor Device
  • Analyzer Software for Your PC
  • Software For Video Capture
  • Practice Range Software
  • Putting Game and Putting Practice Green
  • 2 Virtual Golf Courses (Custom Designed) Desert Dunes and Highlands National
  • Premium Collection Of Courses (20 Virtual Courses To Play On)
  • P3ProSwing Versa Hitting Mat
  • P3ProSwing Golf Ball Catch Net
  • Tape And Tees

Is The P3ProSwing Any Good?

This simulator has everything you should need to get going (assuming you have a PC and a display ready). Stance and Alignment have been considered and the mat has been built to ensure the golfer is at the correct height.

The video software comes with a couple of different replay views so you can see exactly what went on during your previous swing. This is great for spotting swing errors and enabling you to work on them with real time feedback. Swing practice is best conducted in the practice mode and you are also able use the ProSwing with a practice golf ball, or a real one if you like (I also use practice balls with mine).

ProSwing Feedback The swing is captured using over 65 LED sensors passing that data straight into the PC. All the vital swing information is captured including club path, face angle, swing speed, location of impact and swing tempo. This makes it really simple to see exactly what is going on in your swing from start to finish. You can spend as much time practicing as you wish without worrying about the weather. It also enables you to try out different swing techniques to improve your game.

ProSwing Green

The graphics are superb and it almost makes you feel like you are out on a real golf course. Having high quality and responsive graphics is really important if you want the best so I wanted to mention again how important it is to use a decent computer with a reasonable graphics card.


Overall the product has some great features for the price and is highly recommended. With the ability to play on a large selection of courses (with more available for download) or choose to work on your golf swing from the comfort of your home you will find the P3ProSwing an excellent product.

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